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fenstad primary school

rehab and newbuild

The school was originally built in 1926 and has since been expanded in 1959, 1975, and 2006. The school has two parallel classes for grades 1-7. The expansion of Fenstad School consists of approximately 1400 m2 spread over 2 floors, while the existing school undergoes renovation. The floor plan is a result of close collaboration with the user group and Nes municipality.

The new building continues the architectural principles of the first three construction phases. The design language, choice of materials, and roof design of the new building are inspired by local agricultural buildings/barns from before 1900. The facades are detailed with horizontally positioned, maintenance-free timber cladding/wooden panels. Durable materials that can withstand heavy use indoors and outdoors are chosen. The use of wood in the facade is also reflected in the interior of the new building, along with a general preference for robust materials with resilient surfaces.

Client: Nes Municipality

Completion: Ongoing

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